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Our vision is to change the future generation of Huntington County by instilling civic leadership, a productive work ethic, and the willingness to give back in the youth we serve. 

Our outcome-driven Club experience provides our members with a safe & positive environment, an emphasis on fun, supportive relationships, opportunities & high expectations, and recognition. 

These elements, paired with high yield activities, targeted programs, and regular attendance help our members achieve academic success, display good character & citizenship, and adopt healthy lifestyles.

Our programs run every day and are led by our skilled and caring staff. From Smart Girls to Cooking Club, our programs are designed to bring out the full potential in our members.

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Programming Overview

Healthy Lifestyles

It is a priority to us that our members adopt a healthy diet, practice healthy lifestyle choices, and make a lifelong commitment to fitness. Programs that focus on physical activity, healthy eating, and healthy lifestyle choices are always some of the most popular at the Club. Experienced staff walk along side members as they learn the skills they need to live a full and healthy life.

Academic Success

From the moment our members enter the doors of the Club, they are encouraged to succeed academically. It is our goal to make sure our members graduate from high school ready for college, trade school, military, or employment. Homework help is provided every day and specialized programs help promote an excitement for learning. Staff hold our youth to a high standard and help them set goals so that they are prepared for graduation and beyond.

Character & Citizenship

The importance of community service and strong character are instilled early within our Club members. Leadership and prevention programs help educate our youth in a fun way that will help shape them as a person and in the way they impact their community. We want to ensure that our members are engaged citizens who are involved in the community, model strong character, and eventually register to vote.

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